Before You Try Homeopathy For H Pylori Infection

This blog will help you to understand the way Homeopathy works against Helicobacter pylori infection.

Infection with H. pylori can lead to sores or ulcers in your stomach lining or the upper part of your small intestine, and in few, it can eventually lead to gastric cancer. More than 60% of world’s population has this bacteria in their bodies. But just having it won’t cause any disease, one needs to be predisposed towards it.

H pylori bacteria can enter your body via food, contaminated water or utensils. Poor cooking and personal hygiene will increase our chance to get infected. An infected person can spread the infection via saliva or other body fluids.

There are two aims for the treatment – first and the foremost is the relief from the symptoms of bloating, acidity, ulcers, abdominal pain or flatulence. The second aim is to remove the bacteria from the body, which can be objectively assessed via stool antigen test.

Constitutional homeopathic medicine, selected on the basis of the symptoms as well as the genetic predisposition, by a qualified classical homeopath, can be gentle yet equally effective therapeutic option. The primary aim of homeopathic treatment is targeted towards restoring the constitutional balance within, to aid in setting the body-equilibrium. It is achieved by carefully selecting an appropriately suited remedy for an individual patient, considering the various characteristics at the physical, emotional and intellectual sphere. A professional is trained in ascertaining these qualities and analysing them to arrive at the most-similar remedy selection.

There is no specific medicine / combination. We will have to discuss the individual case in its constitutional perspective and analyse it as per the homeopathic principles. Thus a detailed history session is a must.

As mentioned in the YouTube video, around 60% world population harbours this dreadful bacteria in their gut. But it does not mean all will manifest the symptoms. Healthy state is when the body can protect itself from the manifestations, irrespective of the presence of the bacteria. That would be the primary aim of the homeopathic treatment.

We suffer with H-pylori disease manifestations when our immune system fails to protect us from the bacteria, who then invades our gastric mucosa. Thus the best way to achieve cure is to boost our innate immunity with well-selected homeopathic medicine, from a trained professional.

There are two possibilities after a homeopathic treatment –
In the first, the symptoms will get resolved completely, giving you a normal digestive process and the presence of bacteria on stool antigen test too will be eliminated.

But in certain cases, as a second possibility, though the symptoms will get resolved completely, the stool antigen test will still show the presence of the bacteria. It still would fall under a cured state.

Please feel free to drop an email to us, if you have any query, even after reading this blog-post. We will do our best, using our experience so far, to provide a complete relief from the symptoms in the most gentle and permanent way.

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