Irritating Eye Floaters

Have you noticed small moving spots that appear in your visual field when you look at some bright object like a blue sky or a plain paper? These spots can be very annoying once you become aware of them and are usually referred as ‘Eye Floaters’ or ‘muscae volitantes’ which in Latin means ‘flying flies’.

Although these floaters are quite annoying, they seldom interfere with your vision. In rare conditions they can cast subtle shadows over the vision but only in certain types of light.

The more you accept them, ignore them or learn to live with these dark transparent objects, you will be able to live with them comfortably. If you can achieve that, these common visual foes will not become bothersome any more.

They usually take various shapes and sizes like black or gray dots, cobwebs, rings, thread like strands that are semi-transparent or squiggly lines. Although they can develop overnight, they do not resolve so fast.

The more you try to focus on them, more they will dart away from you. Most of them are caused by little flecks of collagen, a kind of protein. They are often seen as a sign of ageing, eye injury or diabetic retinopathy. People with diabetes are more prone to getting eye-floaters.

Although most of the times these objects are benign (meaning harmless) in nature, one must consult an ophthalmologist if they are accompanied by flashes of light, pain or any loss of visual power. Serious causes include retinal detachment, retinal tear and bleeding within the eye.

There is no drug-treatment available for this ailment. In case they become really bothersome, a surgical procedure called vitrectomy can be performed, but it can lead to retinal detachment or tears or early cataract in few patients.

Homeopathic medicines do not remove eye-floaters completely but can reduce their size, number and shapes significantly, as seen with numerous cases treated till now.

The primary aim of homeopathic treatment is targeted towards restoring the constitutional balance within, to aid in setting the body-equilibrium. It is achieved by carefully selecting an appropriately suited remedy for an individual patient, considering the various characteristics at the physical, emotional and intellectual sphere. A professional is trained in ascertaining these qualities and analysing them to arrive at the most-similar remedy selection.

For homeopathic students: the local remedies that have given good results in eye-floaters are Aesculus hippo, Caust, Cocculus, Natrum mur, Nitric Acid, Phosphorus, Physostigma and Silica.