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Swaroop Clinic has been providing ethical, rational and patient-centric clinical services since 1999, with an sole aim to offer - ‘Healing with Feelings!’

Since inception, we have served patients across all major continents, in-person or via our unique online treatment module. We are grateful for the trust and the support received from our patients, students & well-wishers.

Swaroop clinic is not just a clinical service provider, but a place to express your deepest emotions, discuss philosophies, refine academic perspective & discover varied perspectives of life. For many, it’s a place to refresh, recharge and rediscover themselves.

Dr Amit Karkare

Dr Amit completed his Homeopathic graduation from Pune University in 1999, ranking first in the subject of Homeopathic Philosophy. In 2006, he became the first Indian to get accredited from the British Institute of Homeopathy as a Bach Flower Practitioner, securing 97% marks.

He was Homeopathic Research Consultant at Sahyadri Speciality Hospital, for the clinical project assessing the efficacy of Homoeopathy in cases of Refractory Epilepsy, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), Autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Dr Amit has been trained in Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) by Albert Ellis Institute, New York. He has been instrumental in teaching and promoting ‘Rational Thinking’ for school children through his play-workshops.


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“My outlook towards ‘Alternative Medicine’ has changed drastically over the last decade, especially after I have worked closely with Dr Amit. We did a combined therapy on patients with Refractory Epilepsy, ADHD & Infantile Autism, and the results were very rewarding. I sincerely feel that one should change our treatment perspectives especially for chronic maladies and be open to a combination of Alternative Therapies along with Allopathy, to offer the best to our patients.”

-Dr Deepa Divekar
Pediatric Neurologist & Director, Sahyadri Hospital

"Amit specializes in homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies for both human and pets. I have consulted with him for both myself, my dogs and cats. I found Amit very responsive to ones needs and questions. Knowing I have allergies that cause my skin to break out, Amit suggested a formula of Bach Flower Essence. Amit was very flexible in understanding that due to my allergies I needed to administer one remedy first than add another after a week so I could tell if my body would accept each remedy of the formula. In a period of about one month I have seen my complexion improve quite a bit. On the whole, I cannot thank Amit enough for assisting me in feeling better physically and mentally, which in turn has effected my entire well being."

-Cori Solomon

"Dr. Amit's care and perseverance never cease to amaze me. I have never met him in person and had all of my treatment and consultation for the last 5 years over email and phone. Dr. Amit's commitment and enthusiasm has helped me with my hormonal problems. His idea for a "mild, gentle and permanent recovery" has always provided me hope."


"Many times I use Homoeopathic medicines for my personal medical problems, for which I take treatment from Dr Amit Karkare. He is my Homoeopathic doctor."

- Dr Ravi Kasbekar
Leading Cancer Surgeon

“We were trying to conceive for more than 8 years. A detailed discussion with Dr Amit made us much calmer and non-pushy towards the efforts, which made it possible to have a safe, happy and healthy pregnancy with normal delivery. We can’t thank Dr Amit enough for gifting us our little angel Soha.”




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