Holistic Healing with Homeopathy & Bach Flower Therapy

No two individuals are alike in health as well as in disease. Thus while treating them, one should not focus merely around the organ affected. The aim should be to restore the inner balance of the ‘individual’ being treated. A gentle, faster and permanent cure is possible only when a physician takes into consideration all facets of a patient’s constitution while selecting the most appropriate remedy for the case.

Treatment Results


“Me and my parents’ online consulting and treatment experience with Dr. Amit was exceptionally wonderful. Its because Dr. Amit has extensive knowledge in his field also complete familiarity with Allopathic medicines. The most important thing, I live in USA but distance barrier was not a problem. Because Dr. Amit is very prompt and quick in answering questions and problems within the same day. Also, we had phone conversation and Dr. Amit discussed all the health related questions by asking detailed questions. There was no rushing and avoiding.”

Jawad Zakir


Three Simple Steps


Step 1: Patient Health Questionnaire

This is the most important part of any homeopathic consultation – case history. The selection of the most suitable homeopathic remedy for your ailments entirely depends on the data you provide about your health so that we can understand your unique mind-body constitution better. 

Thus do not consider any of the questions as unnecessary or take this questionnaire casually. The more elaborate you are, while answering the questions, faster it would be for us to select the most suitable homoeopathic remedy for you.

Please download the suitable questionnaire

Patient health questionnaire – Adult   

Patient health questionnaire – Child

Step 2: Online Session

Once you submit the questionnaire, we will analyse the data and email you our primary assessment about your case. We can then schedule a suitable time for a Skype / FaceTime session for further case discussion in person.

Step 3: Doorstep Delivery of Medicines

Once all the required information about your health is gathered, we will prepare the most suitable remedial combination (Homeopathy & Bach Flowers) for your case we will have it delivered to your doorstep.

Fee Structure

Fees include: Consultation   Medicines   Courier charges   Taxes/Bank Charges
Fees include: Consultation + Medicines + Courier charges + Taxes/Bank Charges