Bach Flower Therapy for Obesity & Weight Loss

Ishita worked for a software company and weighed 102 kg when she first reported to my clinic in 2008. Apart from the complaint of obesity, she also suffered with polycystic ovarian syndrome and hypothyroidism, both accentuating the weight-gain. She has had an excellent work record and was getting promoted on a regular basis. But due to the ever increasing weight, she could not sustain her physical stamina much and would fall into the pits of fatigue and depression quite often. The ovarian disharmony also posed a risk of infertility. She had tried all sorts of treatment options, including the liposuction, for getting rid of the extra weight. Finally somebody suggested her to try Bach flower therapy.

Bach flower therapy is a natural and thus holistic healing system that deals with regulating our emotional pattern by using flower essences. The modus operandi is to resolve the negative states prevailing in the mind by the administration of suitable remedies that can counteract those negative emotions. In other words, to provide a necessary positive quality, that can extinguish the negative mental state. For example, if a person lacks confidence in talking to a large group of people, and thus in spite of having necessary skills is not able to perform and grow professionally, a Bach flower remedy called Larch and Mimulus will help him to overcome those fears. Larch primarily provides self-confidence, while Mimulus deals with specific fears, in this case the fear of public appearance.

Thus you may have guessed it, there is no specific remedy for a particular disease, but one has to select the remedies as per the emotional state of the person regarding that ailment. If we are observant enough, the reactions of each and every person is unique and individualistic, let the stimulus be the same. For example, if a teacher scolds three students at the same time, not all will receive it the same. One may find it insulting to get reprimanded in front of all his peers, while the other might get frightened, or the third one will just ignore the scolding and will behave as if nothing went wrong. As per their individual sensitivity, they will receive the stimulus and naturally react to it accordingly. While selecting the medicine, one has to see the characteristic ‘receive-react pattern’ for that individual.

Coming to the case of Ishita, she had a very strong feeling of guilt added with inability to control when faced with sweets. She was prescribed Pine for the guilt and Cherry plum to gain the self-control. She was also treated with a suitable homeopathic constitutional remedy [calcarea carb]. Working together, it not only brought her thyroid levels to normal, but also made the ovarian cysts to regress. Her weight dropped to 88 kgs within a year, making her to find herself a new.