Online psychotherapy sessions for

Individual counselling for personality issues

Psycho-Behavioral modification
(indecisiveness, assertiveness, procrastination, lack of confidence)

Psychotherapy for addictions, obesity, emotional difficulties (anger, anxiety, depression, fears), post-traumatic stress disorders and inter-personal difficulties.

Counselling based on Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)

Our main objective behind the psychotherapy sessions is to offer the client a practical and action-oriented approach for coping with problems and enhance their personal growth, by placing the major focus on the difficulty in the present (instead of ruminating over the past).  REBT motivates the client to play an active role in achieving a conceptual, faster and yet long-lasting psycho-behavioral modification strategy in a cost-effective manner.


Counseling sessions with Dr. Amit have been a significant turning point so far in my life. Thanks to him and REBT, I have successfully got rid of my phobia towards flights and public-speaking. That has boosted my professional career as a Project Manager. Many thanks, Amit!!

Jayesh Shah