No More Fear of Crackers!

Diwali, the festival of lights, may be a great time for families, with all the fun that comes with firecrackers. But for the family pet, especially dogs, it is two days in hell. Almost all pet owners will tell you how their dogs become restless, defenceless, scared out of its wits and even aggressive when firecrackers go off. While it may be a bit funny with pet dogs trying to get into wardrobes and other such quiet places, the fact is that your pet just can’t handle the noise. Add to that new year’s eve and weddings, and you have a full season in hell for your pooch.

If you are a worried pet owner, there is good news this season. We have a mild, gentle, yet effective solution that will help your pooch cope with the noise of firecrackers. It is not a sedative. Homoeopath Dr Amit Karkare, in association with veterinarian, Dr Pradnya Dhokrikar, have developed this medicine. The medicine makes dogs less sensitive to noise and keep them from getting startled. In short, dogs can enjoy Diwali with the rest of the family if this medicine is administered.

The dog is not deaf to the sounds. Just that it reacts to the noise just like a human being would. There is a degree of fear, but the dog is able to cope with it. The medicine is a combination of Homoeopathy and Bach flower remedy. It does not contain any sedatives. It is made of natural ingredients that are completely safe for dogs.  We have been helping many pets since 2005 and the results are more than encouraging.

Due to their innate sensitivity to sound, dogs become intensely restless, panicky and at times violent due to the noise of crackers. They get dazed and confused and hide under beds or keep barking. In such a situation, most dog owners do not know what to do. We have developed this medicine after a detailed study of dog behaviour and symptoms. The medicine is prepared with original Bach remedies imported from the UK. It effective on dogs of all breeds and ages. The medicine is available in the form of small tablets.

The result is best if the treatment is started at least a week before Diwali.

“Hearing of dogs is 80 times better than humans. Hence, their perception of the world is different. As a veterinarian and a responsible owner of three golden retrievers, I’m worried about the well being of my dogs. I have been using Dr Amit’s medicines for the last three years for my own dogs and also on dogs which come to me for treatment. It is easy to administer the medicine and is accepted by the dog’s system. The patients become calm, less sensitive, less anxious and less destructive during Diwali,” Dr Dhokrikar said.

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