Is being INTROVERT same as SHYNESS ?

Many times, parents feel extremely concerned (and devastated) if the school counsellor calls their child ‘an introvert’. It is often perceived, by parents, as a synonym for SHY. But it is not.

Shyness and introversion are not the same thing. Shyness has, at its heart, a fear of negative judgment by others. It is an uncomfortable feeling within.

An introvert doesn’t feel the need to seek out social interaction. Introversion is a biological and personality trait, and those that have it are usually fine with it.

The world-renowned physicist who developed the theory of relativity was often thought to be an introvert. Like many introverts, he did his best thinking alone: “The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind,” he’s widely quoted as saying.

Few more quotes:

I’m an introvert… I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky. ~ Audrey Hepburn

Shyness is invariably a suppression of something. It’s almost a fear of what you’re capable of. ~ Rhys Ifans